Very Inspiring Blogger Award, thank you Dear Kitty. Some blog!


Natural Charms is very flattered to have been nominated to the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, by Petrel41 from Dear Kitty. Some blog. Thank you!

I can only imagine you are oh so kind, because Natural Charms really just started (so far two posts and the About page is as far as I got), but it’s the chronicles of a real journey, so I guess it could be inspiring ūüôā Really appreciate this kind gesture! I’m sure it’ll expose us to some interesting bloggers around the world. Which is way I’m happy to spread the joy.. If it’s something you are not interested in, please feel free to say so, no problem at all :)..

The rules of this award are:

Thank and link back to the blogger who has nominated you, then post the award logo to your blog, write a post on the nomination and nominate and link to 15 other very inspiring bloggers. Notify them (with  link to the post); and tell 7 things about yourself.

Seven things about myself:

1. I am an Environmental Engineer, graduated with honours from a Bolivian University

2. I am half Dutch, half Bolivian

2. I live in the UK, which explains why I have worked as a cleaner, sales assistant, research intern in the Herbarium in Kew Gardens (lovely place, unpaid job) and ATM engineer (yes, those where you get your money from)

3. I’m the proud mummy of twin boys, they are little (3 and a half years old) and very smart, and very healthy, so¬†beautifully¬†full on. For the first time in probably 20 years I actually find myself laughing out loud effortlessly.

4. I have another blog, called Latin-American Women Wear Earrings. It was my introduction to blogging and serves me as a space to explore where I come from and understand attitudes that are sometimes so wrong, so widespread and so accepted.

5. I am too straight forward for Bolivia and to sensitive/emotional for Holland

6. Best things in life are home made, natural, durable, purposeful, honest and sustainable.

7. It took me the whole morning to finish this post, is that normal?

My 15 nominees will mostly know me from my other blog, they are, in no particular order:

1. Green trails and teapot tales

2. Vinto Lindo

3. El cuento de Saliary 

4. Verde Despertar

5. Parenting and Stuff

6. These light footsteps

7. Romancing the Bee

8. Green Living London

9. We are all in this together

10. New memories

11. Mariposas en la tormenta

12. Delusions of equality

13. Consonancias y disonancias o el eco del mucielago de abril

14. Trading places

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